tree art

Eight Dead Trees, tree art series

Eight Dead Trees, tree art

(eight acrylic paintings on 12 x 18 wood panels)


I started painting these panels last year basically as a tree study. I’ve always enjoyed nature and am fascinated by old dead cedar and juniper trees, among others! I truly appreciate their rustic character, created by time and by the elements! In each individual painting I can see characteristics I like and dislike but in the end I’m happy with the way they all look . I believe they compliment each other nicely! 

Every painting began by choosing a random tube of acrylic paint. I’d water down the chosen color and apply a wash on the panel letting the wood grain show through. Generally I’d have no idea how the tree would develop when I’d start. I’d mix up three or four shades of grey and then begin building the trees shape with the darkest. I struggled sometimes to keep the branches from looking unnatural. I feel like my best branches happened when the paint consistency was just right. To runny and the branches would bleed into the wood. Too thick and the branch strokes would be inconsistent and I’d usually have to go over them again.   The trees were painted to look like they were almost floating, roots exposed, invisible soil. Once the tree had its basic shape I would move to the next shade lighter and begin to give the tree texture and character! They really seemed to create themselves at this point! Little details would start appearing on their own! After I worked through the different shades I would finish up with black and white to accent the tree! 

I Started this project at the end of 2017 and finished in early 2018. They aren’t masterpieces by any means but the series is one I’m proud to share. All unique, all have a story to tell! 

Thinking about mounting/framing them all together. I’ll share a photo as soon as I do! Thank you, to everyone interested in my work, much appreciated!