Sixteen Feathers Gallery

~Sixteen Feathers~ 

“Sixteen Feathers” is a series I created in 2016 representing flight. Confident to say that this project was a stepping stone for me as an artist, one I’m very proud of. These feathers are made from elk antler I’ve collected in the Colorado mountains, something I do each spring when the deer and elk drop them. Varying in size and shape each feather is a true original. I wanted them to have a special resting place so I hand crafted a custom felt lined redwood box for each one! 

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image feathers

by Justin Downing

Feathers Evolution 

When creating these pieces I’d start with an outer section of elk antler cut to the approximate length. Then I’d rough out the shape with the band saw before continuing with files, dremel tools, sand paper and steel wool! (below is an image of a feathers progression)

image feather process

The process

image feather make


image feather box

Feather boxes


~The Feathers~